Translations of programs and applications at an affordable rate

Our agency will work with you to achieve the fundamental objectives relating to software translation, internationalization, localization and globalization, namely:

  •     The achievement of a fully functional and tested product can compete in more than one language;
  •     Have a qualified technician can manage updates or changes in many languages;
  • Create processes and procedures that ultimately improve the functionality and client satisfaction while at the same time increase sales.

Our team, with a familiar in the field caused by years of work, is aware that the translation of software, manuals and very specific skills required, applications and many years of experience. The process involves the translation of the program and the location of key points below:

  •     Software/UI code;
  •     Help screens, prompts, menus, keyboard shortcuts;
  •     Software manuals;
  •     License agreements;
  •     Legal notice and information security;
  •     Guarantee agreements;
  •     Marketing material;
  •     Related cultural content;
  •     End’s habits.

Software internationalization

Has the resources and expertise to bring your software to a worldwide through its all-inclusive service of translation of applications.

“Internationalization” is a definition that involves the development of a new product – or editing an existing one – based on a project that makes available in many languages and countries. Normally using a special encoding, in order to permit uniform handling of information in multiple languages.

Localization of software, applications for smartphones, tablets and phones

A logistical challenge linked to the internationalization of software lies in separating the source text from the source code. The text to be translated or localized, both visible and hidden, it needs to be separated so as to preserve the integrity of the code.

The Chinese translation of a computer software has the potential to increase your target market up to ten times the current. It is therefore of utmost importance that all documentation and the terminal interface are translated using the jargon and the exact nomenclature.

Software globalization

Ideally, globalization should be included in the regular product development cycle. If taken into account during the development phase, the primary code will be written to allow for efficient management of multiple languages, including the ability to edit, monitor and load the new text.

Languages of competence

Our translators have a vast and proven experience in software translation in Italian, Spanish, English, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, German, and can either translate in multiple languages simultaneously.