The Surprising Benefits of Adding Mushrooms to Your Diet


Mushrooms are a type of fungi that are edible and are considered to be a superfood. Becoming increasingly popular throughout world cuisine in the recent years, this fleshy fungus comes in a wide array of varieties. While some variants can be toxic in nature, others are entirely safe to consume and pack a nutritious punch. Not only are they full of flavour but also are extremely good sources of unsaturated fatty acids and fibre without being high in calories as well as are rich in Vitamin B and essential minerals like potassium, copper and selenium. This makes it a great addition to anyone’s diet who is trying to eat healthy.

The most commonly cultivated mushroom is the white button mushrooms used in soups, dishes and sauces. Used traditionally to treat a number of diseases and disorders in China, Korea and Japan, their beautiful favour takes very little to be enhanced and can become a staple of any diet plan.


Skin benefits offered by Mushrooms

Consuming mushrooms can give you a host of skin benefits due to their high content of vitamin D, antioxidants and selenium that can be beneficial for your skin. They are increasingly being used in skincare products as they are powerful antioxidants and have moisturising properties. Mushrooms give your skin benefits like-

  • Hydrates Skin

Mushrooms are packed with polysaccharides that can help to hydrate the skin, make it firm, smooth and supple.

  • Anti-aging properties

Kojic acid can help to provide anti-aging properties as well by providing a remedy for uneven skin tone, age spots, discolouration and liver spots.

  • Skin Conditions

With the presence of antioxidants, mushrooms can help to reduce problems caused by free radicals on the skin and inflammation, like rosacea, acne or eczema. Some of them are on Black Friday sale on DealVoucherz UK.

  • Natural Glow

Some variants of mushrooms like Ganoderma mushrooms contain Kojic acid, which can act as a natural skin whitener. The acid acts by hindering melanin production in the skin to lighten the new skin cells after the dead cells are exfoliated and are safe to use.

  • Treats Acne

With their high Vitamin D content, they can be great for healing acne and lesions.


Hair Benefits offered by mushrooms

Healthy hair requires a lot of nourishment and nutrients that can be provided by mushrooms. Being packed full of vitamins, minerals and nutrients; mushrooms can help to nourish your hair and make your hair healthier.

  • Hair Loss

One of the leading causes of hair loss is Anemia, caused by an iron deficiency in the blood. Mushrooms are an excellent source of iron and can help to strengthen your hair.

  • Benefits of Selenium

Selenium helps to get rid of free radicals, strengthen the natural immune system of the body and can help to promote hair growth and prevent dandruff. It can help to kill a fungus called Malassezia which can be responsible for dry, flaky skin.

  • Benefits of Copper

Mushrooms are rich in copper and can help to boost the absorption of iron from the food you consume. It also promotes melanin production to make your hair rich in colour.

  • Health benefits of mushrooms

Besides being healthy for your skin and hair, mushrooms do offer a wide array of overall health benefits that are incredible and make it one of the must-have parts of your daily diet. Some of the best health benefits of mushrooms include

  • Burns Cholesterol

Mushrooms are packed full of fibres, proteins, enzymes while being low in Black Fruday sale carbohydrates and having zero cholesterol or fats and can help remove bad cholesterol from your body by burning it while the food is digested.


With no fats, low levels of carbs, high protein, fibre, vitamin and minerals content, mushrooms are ideal for diabetics. Natural enzymes help break down sugar and starch, improve the functioning of endocrinal glands and the antibiotics in it prevent infection.

  • Prevents prostate and breast cancers

Mushrooms are rich in