Residential Metal Roofing Installation

Residential Metal Roofing Installation

To activate your job alert, please check your email and click the confirmation button. Also, because the metal sheets are so lightweight they can be installed directly over your existing shingles, Metal Roofing Toronto eliminating the need to dispose of them and saving space in the landfill. Only mechanically seamed standing seam metal roofs can be installed on a 1/12 pitch.

In our 20+ years as a metal roofing business, we haven’t disappointed a single customer! These roofing specialists also have advanced tools and products such as a metal roof leak repair sealant to seamlessly do the job. We know that our residential roofing customers take pride in their homes and quality improvements will only add to their enjoyment and to the value of their investment.

We have years of experience in Toronto Metal Roofing, and you can depend on us to deliver a quality roof that lasts. Paramount’s® permanent roofing is built and installed to the highest standards. These products will have minimal flashings, and will depend on sealants and overhanging panels at their lower end.

Should you have any questions about the metal roofing process, we are always available to assist you to ensure you choose a roofing solution that meets your expectations. Our team of experienced professionals have over 79 years of experience in providing the highest standard in commercial and industrial roofing.

With a lifetime warranty, our Classic Metal Roofing Systems products ensure long-term protection and security that significantly increases the value of your home. Thank you for taking the time to reach out through the Ask Todd Miller expert section on Classic Products Roofing Systems’ (Oakville, ON) website today.

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