Having Twitchy Eyes? Find Out Why

Having Twitchy Eyes? Find Out Why

There is no proper reason why eye twitches occur. Most of the doctors call this as blepharospasm. Usually, when this type of situation occurs, your eyes start to blink and the upper one blinks and you can’t stop it. And sometimes it happens to both of your eyes.

What happens is that the lid moves quickly for every one or two minutes. Most of the doctors think that it may be linked to stress, excessive intake of caffeine and fatigue, but they are not sure about it. Twitches are painless and they usually go away on their own. But if you feel strong spams then it can cause your eyelids to shut down completely and then reopen.

What Would Happen If It Didn’t Stop?

There are some people who are suffering from eye spasms all day long. They might face this problem for a day, weeks or maybe even months. This can be a very upsetting situation which affects the quality of life. It’s a rare case, but if it does happens you won’t be able to open your eyes as it would make you hard to see.

Some of the time the twitching signs be like of more serious conditions which include the inflammation of eyelids, dryness in eyes, light sensitivity issue, pink eye, a nerve disorder, dystonia, Parkinson disease, bell’s palsy and many other. This type of situation can also be caused due to the side effects of medication. The most common type of drugs which are used to treat epilepsy and psychosis.

Kinds of Twitches

There are different types of eye twitches which are associated with different lifestyle factors including fatigue, stress, less sleep, use of caffeine tobacco and alcohol. This can result in various types of irritations over the eye surface or over the membranes which would line your eyelids. The symptoms of blepharospasm usually show up in mid-adulthood and with time it gets worse. Women get this illness twice as likely in men. It is not a serious condition but there are some rare severe cases which can be a problem.

What Causes Eye Twitching?

Mainly the causes of twitchy eyes are due to air pollution, bright lights, dusty winds, fatigue, and stress. Usually, it starts with a non-stop irritation or blinking in eyes. It would get worse if you become more sensitive to light and then you would have a blurry vision. In some worse cases, spasms can occur and they could become so much intense that your eyelids would stay shut down for many hours. The scientists believe that this is due to the mixture of genetic and environmental factors.

Though this condition is random and sometimes it’s inherited.  If you are having some serious trouble related to eye twitching then you must consult the doctor and get it checked before the condition gets worst.  The best treatment for this purpose is botulinum toxin. Most of the tome doctors inject a small amount of this into your eye muscles to ease the spasms. The effect of this injection lasts for a few months and with time it wears off. Then you would need to repeat the treatment.

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