Everything that make FEIYUE FY-3 RC Car worth it all!

Everything that make FEIYUE FY-3 RC Car worth it all!

Racing cars have always been a favorite for boys. These remote controlled cars have been around for a very long time and we have seen them modify greatly over the years. Today we have reached a pointed where RC cars are the new ‘it’ thing in the racing world. There is no better delight for men then to have their own personal little high-end racing car that they can control and drive all day long (or at least in their free time). With millions of RC car models out there to choose from, specific products definitely tend to catch the attention more than others. In this article ahead, we talk about our personal favorite RC car model and everything that makes it so worth it.

Promising RC car model

If there is one RC car model that instantly attracts us with its looks and design and races speedily to leave us even more impress – it has to be the FEIYUE FY-03 RC car. This car is a small delight. You actually can’t believe how well-built this automated vehicle is. The promising specs and features of this car make it even a worthier choice for users. So let’s start talking about everything that makes this little remote controlled vehicle so popular and adored by the people.

  • Battery Support

If you have had any previous experiences with RC cars, you will know that the one thing you need to look at right away is the battery support it comes with. It is in fact the battery backup that makes it perform efficiently in the long run. As far as this model is concerned, it comes with an exceptional battery support. A 15000 mAh lithium-ion battery is installed in this vehicle. This battery is not replaceable but definitely rechargeable.

  • Design

The next thing that is simply amazing about this car is its design. It is designed to impress and surely leaves a lasting impression on the beholder. Some critics have went as far as saying that the Fy-03 comes with the most attractive and modern built. High quality and durable materials are used for the construction of this car. The outer body of this mega car is painted black and red which is a deadly color combination. If this RC car was to be judged only on basis of its looks – it would surely win in flying cars.

  • Solid Traxxas Wheels

RC cars are highly dependent on their wheels to carry their body weight and race through the fields. It is therefore one of the most important features on basis of which a RC car is judged for its overall functionality. The FY-03 car comes with super solid and might Traxxas wheels. You can visibly notice that the back wheels are much bigger at 90mm than the front wheels which are at 20mm. Moreover, like any real-time car you get a spare wheel tube along in case any wheel damages or bursts during use.

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