Election Double Sided Yard Signs

Election Double Sided Yard Signs

While working on campaigns professionally from borough council to president, there was one thing that got people excited, one or another, as the candidates themselves: yard signs. Signs placed in the first two experiments were more traditional in scope, though the first experiment placed signs on public lands and the second did so in private lawns. Make the most of your signage dollars with vibrant, eye-catching signs that are high quality.

Full color bleed is available on digital printed yard signs at nominal upcharge. The most-common yard sign material produced from high-impact polypropylene resin. People often travel the same routes to and from work (when finding care for their child is top of mind), so placing yard signs on that route can help them become aware of providers right in their own community.

Zip ties are great for this and don’t rust and stain your signs like nuts and bolts do. Grommets are included in the price. Our corrugated yard signs come in standard sizes as small as 6 inches to as large as 3 feet to accommodate all your advertising needs. And there’s even direct evidence that Burma-Shave had a direct effect on political campaigning.YARDSIGNS

Striking Web Solutions in no way affiliates itself with any political organization by supporting this initiative. Speaking of humorous… I’ve actually seen more of those nonconventional signs floating around than ever before. A simple wiping of the yard sign should clear away any mud, dirt or grime that may have accumulated on the sign.

In South Carolina’s crushing Obama primary win, there were a measly 1,000 Obama yard signs in the entire state. Dan Wittry of Oswego and a proud Trump supporter is having a hard time keeping his candidate’s name in his front yard. Or maybe, say a couple of political consultants, it’s that lawn signs don’t work.

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