What are interactive dog toys?


What are interactive dog toys?

Interactive toys are currently one of the best tools that we have to educate and develop our dog. They can also be used for other animals such as cats and ferrets.

They are hollow toys a few holes that allow to introduce food inside to get the doggydanstheonlinedogtrainerreviews to ‘interact’ with them, remove the food; This is dosing and thus we get lots of benefits as you have for example, entertaining the dog to avoid destructive chewing or avoid excessive barking… in general we get distracting in a healthy way, when left alone, rather than other more unpleasant distractions happen to you for us.

The main difference with other toys, is that the dog can entertain if same, without need to us to be present. Even so, we must not accommodate us and forget that our dog needs to play with us to strengthen the bonds of union.

Another of the qualities of these toys is that they are made with elastic and resistant materials that stimulate chewing and so we can leave them to bite them without the risk of wrecking them when I leave out food. We owe this prodigy to mark KONG, which gives us plenty of toys made with natural rubber with different hardnesses depending on the needs of our dog. The most notable from my point of view, is the “cone”, distribute it with toughness and size to (color green and white) puppies, adult dogs (red) and adult dogs with good jaw needing a more extreme hardness (black).

In order to function effectively, it is convenient to take into account two precautions. The first is to not choose a too small for our dog toy, since it could swallow it, and the second is that if we let him playing with the toy at a place where can hide under somewhere, as for example a Chair, will be against us because it will not stop until you return to recover it. To avoid these problems, we can use a rope and tie it in some appropriate place or cover the areas where you can brew. There is another interactive toy with a ball that we can also serve to entertain our dog. The drawback is that some dogs do not fits them in her mouth and have to discover to get food there to shoot the ball. It can be that it costs us slightly more create interest in this kind of toys.

There is another type of ball that has more slots, this gives us more possibilities when introducing the food and helps keep your gums clean (to insert the teeth into the slots for food). How to fill them is simple. Is first introduced an irresistible food for our dog, who can not get (inaccessible) but that call much attention, who knows that the toy is always food; then place your usual meal and we can optionally accompany it with something that makes it more attractive and difficult to remove. At the end we will put awards for easy access so get them quickly and continue playing without discourage you.

At first, what shape should be easily accessible for our doggydanstheonlinedogtrainerreviews, so we will achieve interest in toy, to go complicate what little by little with different mixtures of food that they prolong the playing time and strengthen his wit. With our puppies we can use it from small to give them their portion of feed and get ‘hooking them’ to this kind of toys so early. There are plenty of recipes to fill them, but it is to adapt them to introducing foods that like our dog and of course that do not adversely affect their health. The base of the filler should be your usual meal (normally dry feed) and a special award to get their interest. With this kind of toys are being opened new possibilities to stimulate the puppies and develop them properly so they subsequently have increased susceptibility for learning.