Facts Concerning Teen Pregnancy

Facts Concerning Teen Pregnancy

In 2017, the Centers for Disease Control body did a study which showed that teen pregnancies were on the rise with a three per cent increase since 2017. When it comes to teen pregnancies, very few of them have been planned. In America, two thirds of a million teenagers become expectant mothers every year. Compared to other developed countries, these rates are either double, triple and in some cases, eight times higher. America gets eight times more of teenage pregnancies as compared to a country like Japan. Wales and England have half the teenage pregnancy cases that the United States have.

Which are the factors affecting teen pregnancy or flashes during pregnancy – health and care tips? The American culture glorifies sex and puts little emphasis on the side effects and the accountability that is required of it. Sex is found in about all of the adverts as seen on television from food commercials, car commercials, mobile phone commercial, and any other commercial you can think of. This makes kids to be aware of sex from a very early age of growth and when they feel that they are older in their teens, they start using all the information they saw or heard and start practicing sex and end up getting pregnant.

Other factors affecting teen pregnancy will include poverty in the family where by a girl from a poor family background will not have the same enthusiasm for the future because of lack of educational opportunities. This makes getting pregnant a very likely event for such a girl. This teen will most likely not have the money to get herself some birth control methods that will be available for other girls from able families.

Other risk factors for teen pregnancies would be performing poorly in class. Girls who have poor grades in school sometimes look for comfort for their frustrations and are easy targets for peer pressure. Read more Other reasons would include a teen being raised by a single parent, either mother or father, having being born by a teen mother, or having a sister who is also a teen mother.

To curb this menace, parents, guardians and other relevant authorities need to open communication lines between them and the teens. All efforts should be taken for teens to know the side effects of engaging in sex at such an immature age.

Sad Depression Quotes and Sayings

Sad Depression Quotes and Sayings

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If loneliness is to be surrounded by routine, then break it.

Maybe it’s just that, I know very well to hide the pain inside. Or maybe that, those who cared, did not exist anymore.

Lately things have gotten more confusing. I cry inside constantly, as the antidepressant holds the cry out. Willingness to disappear …

Every time I think something is missing, my heart quickens and tightens, my body heats up and I feel like I’m nonexistent.

The best and happiest moments of my life, I have created all in my thoughts.


Your story will only have a happy ending, depending on the type of script you are writing.


If the smile does not come, then cry. If the tear does not come, then smile.

If the sun does not appear, enjoy the rain.

And in the Dark Ages
I survived the movies and the Cautions!

The cold is not synonymous with loneliness, as the heat, nor is it, of passion.

What is the use of wanting to withdraw from your own life, if you can withdraw that which bothers you?

Is the sky your limit of strength? For my limit is the amount of constellations and stars in the universe.

Take a look at these sad depressing quotes These quotes will motivate you,

It will be beautiful when your high esteem and self-love give your hands to your heart and embrace your happiness together.

“We could hear our silences scream together.” also read how to impress a girl

I hate you I love you, I hate wanting you, you want her, you need her, and I’ll never be her

Perhaps the call for help is in the deepest silence.

I am not the villain of history, but there is no sanctity in my thoughts. For when you threw me on the floor, it was my choice to stand up, but I would rather keep myself subject to your selfish desires.

Darkness has the power to ward off the evil that torments my soul, it can hide them within its vast darkness. But each of them turn to torment me in the mirror, for all the monsters of which I am afraid, Are in me.

Porcelain skin, princess hair I never thought I’d need this to get into an asylum but here I am surrounded by sadists who applaud my pain and my only hope is to leave this place in fear of having defects Because I will not be alone.

To assume a depressive state is for her the same as abandoning the abilities of the wonder woman; For him, is to give up the cover of the super man! This is “human being” also read how to impress a girl

Nowadays money thinks and those who claim to be “people” circulate …

A new day, and a new scar on my body …

People get used to everything, even suffering.

There is no greater enemy than ourselves.

Life is a mascot that we gain as a gift. So let’s take care of her.

There is no storm capable of soaking a man’s dry soul …

If you think that life is bad, if you kill, you will not feel it anymore. (You will not feel anything else to tell the truth).

Think as much as you can about be avoiding, forever thinking.

This life without purpose …
This vision of nothingness ….
This feeling of emptiness …
Discouragement …
The boredom ….
The lack of love …
All this is solitude.

Many repudiate those who dance with razor blades or sleep with hand grenades. Although these same human beings do not realize that as they tear hearts apart and manipulate feelings, they become the true repudiation of our society.link related mike souheil